Good to me.

On Thursday night I REALLY wanted to watch “The Hunger Games” and I was convinced I had the DVD somewhere (why, I don’t know) and I hunted high and low for it and was so disappointed when I couldn’t find it. I sent my hubby a text asking him what we’d done with it. He laughed and said we hadn’t got it on DVD. I was soooo confused but hubby reckoned I’d seen it in the cinema or at a friend’s house. So my Thursday evening’s entertainment plans were kinda not happening. I figured I’d read instead as I wasn’t in the mood to watch anything else.

I have about 6 books lined up to read and review from Felicity Heaton, T.K. Leigh, Jim Darcy and one or two others. Thursday night I finished T.K. Leigh‘s “A Beautiful Mess” and I’ll be writing that review sometime on Monday or Tuesday.  Felicity Heaton‘s new book “Kissed By A Dark Prince” is next and I should be starting that tonight. I was meant to start it last night, but my gorgeous hubby brought me home “The Hunger Games” on DVD yesterday morning (he works nights) so last night was spent watching that instead of reading 😀


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