Wow, I have a little bit of reading to do now!

Sooooo, I opened a new FB account and page for this blog and I started off by adding Lindy Spencer as she encouraged me to started doing book reviews after I bought her first book “The Boomerang Effect“. The next author I added was Justin Osborne. Lindy had recommended Justin’s books to me when I was looking for something outside of my normal genres to read. I asked did anyone know any new authors I could follow and Mr. Osborne kindly suggested a few. He then also shared the new FaceBook Page I started with his friends and before I knew it, there was 86 likes and numerous PM’s for me to read.

As of late last night, I have a queue of 10 books waiting to be read and reviewed. Not counting the ones I’ve won by taking part in Giveaways on FaceBook 😮 So that’s about 6 – 8 weeks worth of reading to be done. Speaking of Giveaways – Lindy’s new book “Between The Devil and the Darkness” was released today and she’s having a release party on FaceBook with games and prizes to be won. So come on over and join in here.


3 thoughts on “Wow, I have a little bit of reading to do now!

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