Favourite Author/Genre/Book


I love Paranormal Fiction & Paranormal Romance & Fantasy genres, closely followed by Historical Fiction, Historical Romance and Romance.
The most recent authors I’ve read from the Paranormal genres are Felicity Heaton, Brenda Tetreault, Rayne Hall, Veronica Scott, to name just a few.
From the Historical Fiction & Historical Romance: Denise Domning, Philippa Gregory, Alison Weir, Lyn Andrews, Peter Tremayne are some of my most liked authors from these genres.

What genre do you love the most? Whose your favourite author and finally what book would you most recommend?


2 thoughts on “Favourite Author/Genre/Book

  1. I’m a fan of paranormal as well as mystery – murder mysteries are my favorite. I recommend Brandy L. Rivers’ series, “Others of Edinton”, of which I think there are now 5 books, and for murder mysteries I recommend E.J. Rycer’s novel, “The Marked File.”

    I wouldn’t feel right leaving without mentioning my own psychological thriller, “Between the Devil and the Darkness,” which is brand new on the market. Its an anthology of short stories. My first novel, “The Boomerang Effect,” is a murder mystery and a sequel is planned for 2014.


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