This week, it began..

About 4 days ago, an envelope arrived from Lindy Spencer stuffed full with signed bookmarks. I was flabbergasted as I’d thought I was lucky enough in the first place to be getting sent one from Lindy herself. So when I seen all the ones that were in the envelope (check the picture) I was stunned. The woman has a massive heart of gold.

Signed bookmarks.

Signed bookmarks.

This morning the first of all the signed paperbacks, bookmarks and other swag stuff I won started to arrive. (Stuff I won)
The first package contained a signed copy of “Sliding Into Black – Book 1″ by T.L. Kitae, which I look forward to reading 😀


The second envelope that arrived this morning contained two cute little cat bookmarks, sent courtesy of Patrick O’Scheen, author of “Kris


Can’t wait for the rest to arrive 😀


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