Promoting Author E. L.R. Jones.


“E. L. R. Jones began writing when she was just beginning her teen years. A pen in hand meant she needed to vent words that she couldn’t otherwise express.”

With four books under her belt, E. L. R. Jones is a self published author and I have the pleasure of being a member of her FaceBook group – “The “E” motioned Seven (plus)”. This very down to earth author has a new book called “The Norton Sisters: {Book 1: Rayna}” that is due for release on January 7th and to celebrate this, she is hosting a FaceBook Release Party and you can join in with the fun here.

To find out more about E. L. R. Jones, you can connect with her in the following ways:
Website: Life In “E” Motion.
Blog: elrjonesauthor.
Amazon: Author Page.
Twitter: @ELRJones
Pinterest: Erica.
Goodreads: E. L.R. Jones.
FaceBook: Author Page.

Books available on Amazon:
Life In “E” motion.
A Dreamer’s Today.
Forbidden: A Prince’s Most Coveted Possession.
The Craft Society of Divination.


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