Book Promotion: Seasoned Romance from Grace Augustine!!

£4.79 – UK
$7.81 – US

Product Description:
Bittersweet is the first of the Acorn Hills series. It is about Jake Evans, a rising star in the Fortune 500 circle as evidenced by his own multi-million dollar consulting firm, Evans Enterprises. Jake had a knack for turning failing businesses into successful ventures. Too bad he couldn’t do the same with his personal life. He loved women; not just one woman, he loved them all! Will he survive yet another blow to his ego or will his penchant to satisfy his sexual desires become his demise? Bittersweet visits the lives of a close knit group of friends who prove that time is not a barrier where true friendship reigns.

“Bittersweet” currently holds a 4.9 star rating on but has yet to be reviewed by UK readers.

About the Author:
Grace Augustine is a native of Northern Montana. She developed a love for writing at an early age. She is the mother of 2 adult sons and a “Jill” of most trades.The ideas for her Acorn Hills series stem from her growing up years as well as the issues she has had to overcome along the way. Her hobbies include creating unique beaded jewelry, knitting, crocheting, music, old movies and raising African violets. She currently resides in Rural Iowa. Readers may contact her at

Side note:
Whilst looking for details for “Bittersweet”, I noticed Amazon hadn’t put a genre in the description so I messaged Grace Augustine via FaceBook and we had a giggle trying to place it in a genre.

Grace Promo.

So, why not grab yourself a copy of “Bittersweet” and see what genre you’d class it as? Does Seasoned Romance fit the bill? Or something funnier like the suggestions in our conversation?


6 thoughts on “Book Promotion: Seasoned Romance from Grace Augustine!!

  1. At first I loved Seasoned Romance but then being the picky exacting writer/reader that I am, that tends to refer to a long term romance rather than the older singleton stories. If I think of anything superior to geriatric romance I will pipe up. 😀


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