Freebie Fantasy Fairy Tale: ‘Dark Knight In Disguise’ by Sandra Ross

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Product Description:
Settling back on the sofa, he picked up his cell phone and typed in Hollianne Talbot’s name. Then listened to the ringing on the other end. 

“Hello,” a sultry-sounding voice answered. It was not the kind of voice he would have expected her to have; contrary to the picture of dejection she had presented, it held a sense of possibility held in check, of unconscious but undeniable sensuality.
He closed his eyes. The better to savor the voice, he thought, but opened his eyes again at the absurdity of that idea.
He was an angel, not a wolf in a stupid fairy tale, regardless of how he was unable to quite shake off the image of a predator stalking prey. No, he thought. I refuse to think of myself in those terms, even if I’m being metaphorical. 
“Yes, hello. May I speak with Hollianne Talbot, please?” he said rather gruffly. 
“You are,” the husky voice replied.
He felt his heart thumping in that strange way again; he could not decide whether it was painful or pleasurable. Her voice was enough to send a human male’s thoughts into completely inappropriate areas. 
I’m already there, he reminded himself, feeling utterly human at the moment. 
“How may I help you?” asked Hollianne, obviously curious that he was quiet.
Oh, if you only knew, Erick thought.
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