Freebie: ‘Diviner’s Prophecy’ by Nicolette Andrews

(Price Subject To Change)

Product Description:
Who do you believe when everyone around you is a liar? Who do you trust when everyone has secret motives? How do you save you the future when you cannot remember your past?

Maea is a diviner entangled in a spell which has taken away not only her past, but the memory of the prophecy which could alter the future of her kingdom. The last thing she can remember is the feeling of the sorcerer’s hands around her neck before her life was irrevocably changed. In order to stop a dire prophecy in time, Maea must discover the man who took away her memories. Her gift is to see into the future. Her powers are useless against the spell and she has only her instincts to guide her in her search for the truth.

The path is uncertain and full of dangers.

Three clues will help her unravel the prophecy: a crimson dress, sapphire eyes and a bloody dagger. She knows she cannot unravel the prophecy with these clues alone. She must first find someone she can trust. The courtiers who surround her hide their true identities behind gilded masks. They are like a venomous snakes waiting to strike the unprepared. Everyone would use her for her powers, even those who pretend to be friends have their own agenda.

If she hopes to save the kingdom, she must reveal the liars and deceivers and trust those who love her. This is easier said than done when you cannot remember who cares for you and who would stab you in the back given half the chance. If she manages to navigate the dangerous waters of political intrigue unharmed, she can solve the mystery using the clues she has been given. Only then can she unlock the prophecy and stop it in time. If she fails then it means the destruction of every living thing. .


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