Book Promotion: “Little Ol’ Me” by Laurel Forte

LaurelBook Description:
After being struck by lightning, Laurel Forte, finds out she is pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy and delivery, an array of events occur, quickly changing Laurel’s perspective on life.
After her shotgun marriage and divorce, she begins dating Bryan Cease. Bryan and Laurel had what seemed to be a perfect relationship…
Until Bryan became famous. He and his crew from ‘Dumbass’ performed dare-devilish stunts and stupid human tricks. When Laurel ended the relationship with Bryan, they decided to humiliate and harass her on national television, radio and the internet.
Because of the crew’s intentional malice, Laurel lived in fear for herself and her son. She was stalked, harassed and bullied by not only the celebrities from ‘Dumbass’ but their fans as well.
This novel not only tells the story of ‘the other side of fame’ but the commitment, dedication and love of a mother.

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I haven’t read “Little Ol’ Me” yet but I do have a copy and I am going to get around to reading it (lots of books to read and review over the next 8 – 10 weeks. The book is available on Amazon in two formats: paperback & ebook. So far every review this story has received has been a positive one and it has a 5 star rating on It needs reviews on though, so c’mon UK peeps, grab a copy and get on the rollercoaster ride this story provides 😀

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