Busy, busy, busy!!!

I have to say, when I first started this blog and reviewing books, I actually didn’t think I would be so busy LOL. I thought I’d spend more time struggling to find topics to blog about and worrying that whether people would read them or not. I know better now 😀 My reviewing list is now full until sometime in May, which I find amazing. I honestly didn’t think I’d get to review so many books.

I figured that another way to help authors was by creating two new promo spots on my blog – Author promotion & Book promotion. Now, I know that there are people out there that have fees for doing such spots and I would love to earn money for it but the way I see it is (A) I feel that my blog is not well known enough to actually do that and (B) my promo spots are pretty much basic. Maybe one day I’ll feel I do a good enough job that it’s worth charging a few pennies for 😀
**If you’re interested in booking a promo spot you can join my Blog Schedule group and have a look and see do I have a free date that suits you.**

Upcoming Blog Schedule;Most of March is booked up with promo spots and upcoming blog tours. Here’s the schedule so far:
March 14th: Sharon Cullen’s PLEASING THE PIRATE Blog Tour (Book Monster Promotions)
March 15th: Blog Tour: ‘Stronger Than This’ (Bewitching Book Tours)
March 16th: Closed due to scheduled Book Tour Post.
March 17th: A Late Summer Bloom by Cherrie Mack Spotlight (Bewitching Book Tours)
March 18th: Closed due to scheduled Book Tour Post (Transmigration of Cora Riley Tour.) & Forager Promo Blitz Reading Addiction Blog Tour.
March 19th: Closed due to scheduled Book Tour Post. (Lakota Honor – PROMO Blitz) Reading Addiction Blog Tour.
March 20th: Allegiance by Angela Louise McGurk (Bewitching Book Tours)
March 21st: Open for bookings
March 22nd: Night Hunter by E LR Jones-Author (Book Spotlight)
March 23rd: Closed due to scheduled Book Tour Post
March 24th: Top Spot : Shattered Embrace Book Tour & Donna Fletcher – Sexual Appetites of Vampires – PROMO Blitz (Reading Addiction Book Tours) & Abby’s Heart by Kristine Raymond (Sinful Thoughts Author Promotion)
March 25th: Secrets and Lies by Christine Amsden Blog Tour & Review (Bewitching Book Tours) & Shattered Embrace Promo Blitz (Not Top Spot) (Reading Addiction Book Tours)
March 26th: ‘Naomi Grim’ Tour and Review (Itching For Books Blog Tour.)
March 27th: Author Promotion & Book Promotion: Cristiane Allevato Serruya
March 28th: Booking in progress: Peter Asperella (Book Promotion)
March 29th: Author Interview with Olivia Gaines.
March 30th: Closed due to scheduled Book Tour Post.
March 31st: Greg Dragon – Anstractor Vector Tour Excerpt (Reading Addiction Book Tours)

I currently take part in Blog Tours hosted by Bewitching Book Tours, Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours, Book Monster Promotions, Just my Bucking Book Tours, ItchingForBooks Tours and Literati Author Services, all of whom run excellent tours 😀
Sooooo, I think that’s everything covered. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask 😀

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