Book Promotion: ‘Good Like This’ by Peter Arpesella

1920397_256155717896552_540333836_nBuy Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

Paul, an ambitious investment banker, and Candice, his successful artist wife, have been venturing into the gray areas of monogamy. During a high-end passionate escapade, Paul discovers that Candice has been a closet drug addict for the better part of their relationship. Candice defends herself defiantly and challenges an unwilling Paul to confront his denial for his neglected health condition, a raging diabetes.

When Paul receives the professional offer of a lifetime, something that will catapult him into a life of wealth and power he could only have dreamed of, he can’t cope because his marriage is in shambles, and he is on the verge of losing his life and the trust of his beloved daughter.

Paul needs a revelation.
He joins a cutting edge research project on the effects of stress, led by an unconventional, charismatic researcher. He discovers that there isn’t much of a difference between an addict, like his wife, and one who chooses to poorly manage a health condition, like himself with T1 diabetes. And this will change everything.

The New York City Marathon, Paul’s lost dream and passion, becomes the riveting and unexpected backdrop for the gripping finale and the bright new life that’s about to begin.

‘Good Like This’ has received 25 reviews so far on, giving it a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. The book still awaits reviews from UK readers.


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