Guest Post & Blog Tour: ‘Eternal Mixture’ by Shevaun Delucia


Release date: November 1st 2013
Publisher: Words Written LLC

Purchase: Amazon | Amazon UK

18757744Synopsis via Goodreads:

If you had the chance to start your life over, would you take it? If you were told you would live for eternity, would you embrace it? If a stranger told you he was your soul mate, would you believe it?
Raina Richmond has played it safe her entire life. She has never broken the rules. That is, until Brent Alexander walked straight into her life, causing havoc. Turning her world upside down. 
Brent is the new kid in town. He is every girl’s fantasy: adorable, charming, chiseled, and the typical boy Raina usually steers clear of. But there is just something about him she can’t seem to resist. Safe is no longer an option for her. For him, she breaks all the rules.

What she doesn’t realize is that he holds the key to her past, present, and future. Once he reveals the reasons behind their irrevocable connection, she will unlock the answers to all of her questions, and her life as she knows it will never be the same again.

Excerpt: A part of the first chapter

I head over to the library to kill some time before my next class. It’s quiet and peaceful in there, and I always feel a wave of calmness when walking through those doors. I think it may have something to do with all these words that have come together, creating stories, written by all these amazing authors who now surround me. I love books. Something about seeing through someone else’s eyes and living a mere moment in someone else’s life soothes me.

I take a seat at the table in the back, take out Christopher Pike’s Blood Thirst from my book bag, and dive into the book. The main character, Sita, is so empowering, bold, and immortal, yet carefree and fragile all at once.
The thought of living a thousand years is so intriguing but ultimately depressing, having to outlive everyone and anyone who enters your life. Still, it makes me wonder, what would I give to have all eternity in my hands?

As I contemplate this, I hear a chair skid across the carpet in front of me. I slowly bring my book down, low enough to peek over.
I furrow my brows. “Can I help you?” I ask the boy sitting at the table across from me, feeling a bit perplexed and apprehensive. A smirk spreads across his face as his smoky golden eyes bore into mine.
“No, just taking in the view,” the boy answers back with swagger.

Is this kid crazy or something? I know he can’t possibly be talking about me, and the library isn’t much to look at either.
I glance behind me. “The view, huh? Kinda hard to believe, since we’re sitting in a library,” I comment sarcastically.
“Very true. But I wasn’t talking about the scenery; I was more or less talking about you,” he replies. “My name is Brent,” he says while extending his hand for me to shake.
Immediately, I feel the thump-thump, thump-thump of my heart pumping with great intensity. An ice-cold shiver rushes down my arms and throughout my body, and I can’t help but stare at his soft, pristinely manicured hand, as though touching it would be the death of me. An end to all means. But most of all, I’m afraid of the burning scar his touch might leave on me.
I continue to stare at him, not sure where this is going. He eventually drops his hand. I’m kind of wondering if maybe this is a joke, like he was put up to this or something. Maybe I’m being punked and everyone is hiding behind the bookcases, waiting for him to make a fool out of me.

But Brent just continues to gawk at me with this indescribable charisma. I feel as though he’s drawing me in with the golden blaze of his eyes but making me question his intentions with a devilish grin.
“Ahem.” Brent clears his throat, looking amused, and leans his head to the side, waving his hand to get my attention.
“Oh, sorry. I’m Raina,” I finally reply after leaving my trance.
“Hi, Raina. It’s nice to finally meet you,” he says, as though he’s been waiting for this moment his entire life.
“Finally?” I question, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. “You say that as though we should already know each other.”
I watch as he adjusts his shoulders and reassesses himself before responding. “I saw you in the hallway this morning and then again in the cafeteria. I just felt like you were someone I wanted to meet,” he confesses. “The cafeteria felt a little crowded, with all eyes on me, so I left to get some air,” Brent finishes, shrugging his shoulders.
“And you followed me here?”
I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth. Of course he’s not stalking me! Why would anyone want to do that?
“I wasn’t stalking you, if that’s what you’re thinking. When I passed by, I saw you sitting alone. I felt like this was my chance to introduce myself without any watchers lurking,” he admits with a kind of sincerity. At least, I think he’s being sincere.
Before I can even respond, the bell rings. I stand up and quickly gather my book off the table to place in my book bag. I push in my chair and smile at him as he begins to stand up. I turn to walk away, not knowing what else to say to him.
An intense warmth stings my hand, goose bumps rage through my skin as my hair rises from my body. I pause slowly, turn around, and look down. Brent’s hand is now touching mine.
“Raina, when can I see you again?”

The energy from his hand is climbing through my every limb, awakening the parts of me that lay dormant for so long.
“Why would you want to see me again?” I question, a little dumbfounded, taking my hand back.
He steps closer. “Because I like you.” Straight to the point.
I turn slowly around, not sure how to answer this, and I can feel the heat off his body as he walks beside me. I stop when we get to the glass doors. “Listen, you seem nice and all, but I have a boyfriend,” I say, leaving him speechless. I’m completely shocked that this lie just came rolling off my tongue so easily. I hate lying, but I hate being let down even more so, and I’m sure that’s just what he would do eventually.


Guest Post:
Raina Richmond seems like the typical sixteen-year-old. She’s a simple girl, wanting only to remain unnoticed and slide through her junior and senior years unscathed, untouched.
She has her circle of friends—Jenna, Baily, and Maddie—who keep her grounded. They understand her determination to not be a follower, a boy-crazed stalker, or another notch in a boy’s belt. She’s amazingly strong-minded, non-judgmental, and extremely loyal when it comes to her friends and the people who she loves most in life.

Raina’s parents are workaholics. They’re working on a breakthrough in their lab that, in turn, will benefit and protect their daughter. She doesn’t know what they’re working on at the time, and she never once faults them for not being more involved in her everyday life. When most teens rebel for lack of attention, she embraces the small moments of time shared with her parents.

Being sixteen comes with many obstacles to overcome such as dating, first loves, and discovering who you truly are during these monumental moments. Raina is doing just this; she is oblivious to how much of an impact she has on the male population. She feels inadequate, because she’s not the popular captain of the volleyball team or cheer squad, and she hasn’t yet been approached or asked out by the opposite sex.

What she doesn’t realize is that she has made herself unapproachable. She is blindingly beautiful. The kind of beauty you only see on a magazine cover or a runway. The boys in her school are in awe of her but too afraid of rejection. She’s made it quite clear with the energy she puts off that she will never be interested in any of them. So they figure, why chance it?
It’s not until Brent drops into her world that she begins to understand this. He places her in front of a mirror, so to speak. He shows her the beauty that has always been there. He opens her eyes to the power she holds within herself. With just a little confidence and love, she thrives and begins to believe in herself.

Raina’s raw strength and loyalty shines as she begins to come into her own. It’s always been there, she just needed to find it and believe it. Sometimes all it takes is love to bring out the best in us, and that exactly what it’s done for Raina!
“Being deeply loved gives you strength; loving deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu



Shevaun DeLucia lives in upstate New York with her husband, four children, and two dogs. As a stay-at-home mom while her children were young, she fell in love with reading. She indulged in the small moments that took her away from the reality of her loud, overly rambunctious household, bringing her into a world of fantasy. When reading wasn’t enough to satisfy her, she turned to writing, determined to create the perfect ending of her own.
Shevaun’s Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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