Upcoming Blog Posts!!

OMG, the last few months have gone by so fast!! I have been up to my eyes in review requests, reading, scheduling posts for Blog Tours, Book Reviews, Book Promos and Author Promos as well as my everyday job 😀

At the moment, I’m currently in the middle of writing a review for ‘Shadow of Hope’ by Tina Pollick & Elizabeth Rose which I should have published in the next day or so. I’ve also started to read ‘Chronicles: The Library of Illumination’ by C.A Pack & ‘The Cursed & Condemned’ by G. M. Knipp and plan on their reviews being done by next week, all going well 😀

I still have dates free in May for Book and Author Promos if anyone is interested. I don’t charge for these promos so feel free to book as many as ya want 😀 To book these spots you can do it one of two ways:

  1. Email me: ebooksharing@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested in booking some spots.
  2. Join my Blog Schedule group on Facebook.

For those of you who’d like to know in advance, here’s a list of upcoming scheduled Blog Posts for the rest of April:

April 16th: Blog Tour booking in progress: SEALS OF SUMMER Box Set Tour (Book Monster Promotions)

April 17th: Diane Escalera – Still Hot For You and The Right Temptation – PROMO Blitz (Reading Addiction Blog Tours)

April 18th: Guest Post – Revelation by Rayna Noire (Bewitching Book Tours)

April 19th: Book spotlight for Christa Cervone’s On the Ropes

April 20th: Valerie Twombly Fatal Desire Tour (Book Monster Promotions)

April 21st: Release Day Book Blast: Waltz Back to Texas by M. J. Fredrick (Literary Quill Promotions)

April 22nd: Ellie Ann – The Silver Sickle & Darkness Before Dawn – PROMO Blitz (Reading Addiction Blog Tours)

April 23rd: Braxton A. Cosby – PROTOSTAR – Week Blitz (Reading Addiction Blog Tours)

April 24th: My Grandfather’s Pants Blog Tour & Excerpt (Reading Addiction Blog Tours)

April 25th: Booking In Progress: C.A. Pack – Chronicles: The Library of Illumination (Reading Addiction Blog Tours)

April 26th: Dani Harper’s STORM BOUND Book Blast (Book Monster Promotions)

April 28th: Dark Souls Series by Anne Hope Guest Blog Post & Review (Bewitching Book Tours)

April 29th: External Mixture (Booking In Progresss) (Itching For Books Tour)

April 30th: The Bellum Prophecy Tour & Review (Booking In Progress) (Itching For Books Tour)


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