Help needed!!

myrryn1Myrryn’s Fundraising Plan:

A few weeks ago I posted about my friend’s 14 year old daughter deciding to shave her head for charity.
Her Great Uncle Tom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Myrryn decided she wanted to help others. So she picked a charity and made a plan.
This selfless young lady decided to do a sponsored head shave, raise money and donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Her mum Lisa set up an online donation page and Myrryn chose June 6th as the date that she would have her head shaved.

Myrryn Jamieson Hair Cut On the donation page Lisa wrote “When i asked her if she had thought about just cutting her hair into a bob she told me she would rather shave it all off as her’s will always grow back, people who have cancer don’t have the choice to loose there hair she does.”

In an interview with a local newspaper, Myrryn said “Some people have been urging me not to have my hair shaved off, but I really don’t care about it – it’s really not very important when you consider what some folk are going through.”

June 6th dawned and Myrryn set off to the Boomerang Studio, a local hairdressing salon that she had chosen as the spot to complete her fundraiser. Surrounded by supporting family and friends, 14 year old Myrryn had her foot long hair shaved off.
With the hair she had shaved off, Myrrn had enough to make a wig to help one child who had lost their hair through illness.

myrrynBy June 20th, the deadline for the donation money to be collected, the total on the donation page was an astounding £1262.12!! More than double the target that Myrryn had set herself.

Between the hair she was donating and the money raised, Myrryn had raised enough to help not one, not two, but FIVE children.
I think most would agree that this astounding 14 year old young lady has done more to help people than most adults have 😀

Now for the bad news 😦

Almost £400 of the cash donations were stolen. I can’t go into much detail about that right now as there is an investigation underway.
Why I’m asking for help… I’d like to help replace the money that was taken so that Myrryn is able the five children that she should have been able to help. Without that £400, her fundraising total will only cover helping four children.

If you’d like to make a small donation to help re-raise the money, donations can be made to this Paypal Account:
Please leave a note with the donation or email me to let me know that you have donated.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated xxx.










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