Book Promo: ‘Seeing Red’ by Lauren Mooney

Seeing RedPurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

In the continuance of Laurel Forte’s split life, ‘Seeing Red’ takes you through her experiences involving the movie ‘Haggard’, a film based on her relationship with Bryan, one of the crew members from the hit television show ‘DumbAss’. From lawsuits and lawyers to depositions and accusations, ‘Seeing Red’ exposes the mortifying and embarrassing events Laurel was forced to engage in to protect what’s left of her reputation. After finalizing the lawsuits, it then delves into her next relationship that inadvertently turns out to be deliberately implanted into her life.
Laurel’s experiences and emotional turmoil prove to be honest and compelling, as she once again takes you through her emotional roller coaster ride of deceit and intentional malice.

While protecting her child from the conspiracies infiltrated into her life, the extent which Laurel goes, prove to be honorable and justifiable in her final acts of ridding her life of enemies.


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