Book Promo: ‘The Rose File’ by E.J Rycer

10589920_10154467792070096_167643690_nBook Description:

A sadistic serial killer is stalking college students and leaving their bodies throughout the city of Boston. The first victim is found in the historic Granary Burying Ground, dressed all in white, with a red rose placed carefully on his chest.

The heinousness of the crime, combined with the killer’s bizarre post-mortem treatment of the body, causes Reilly to turn to Dr. Gene Olsen, the Boston Police Department’s top criminal profiler, to delve into the mind of a madman.

Then, when a member of the investigation team ends up in the killer’s crosshairs, they have to pull out all of the stops in the hunt for an intelligent and careful sociopath before one of them becomes a part of the city’s deep, dark history…

Purchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Water Street | Broadside Bookshop | Booklink

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