R.I.P to one of the most brilliant actors, Robin Williams.

6a00e5502775dc88340120a67e4886970c-800wiR.I.P Robin Williams 😦

My first memories of seeing Robin Williams on screen was in his role as Mork from
‘Mork & Mindy’.

His portrayal of Mork was brilliant, always had me giggling. His antics, misunderstandings and all round summaries along with his customary greeting of “Na-Nu Na-Nu” are some of my fondest childhood memories.

On Monday 11/08/2014, the world lost a great comical actor as Mr. Williams was discovered and pronounced dead at his home in Tiburon, California 😦 😦
I have never really been affected by a celebrity death. It’s not that I have never cared, I just haven’t had such wonderful memories of them as I do of Robin Williams.


patch adamsHis role in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ is also something that will stick with me but the one that made me both laugh and cry was his portrayal of Patch Adams.

Tonight, for the first time, my heart ached at the loss of a celebrity. Tonight, I shed some tears for the loss of a man who struggled with addictions for most of his career.

Rest In Peace Mr. Williams, you stormed onto our screens in an egg shaped spaceship and you leave a trail of extremely happy memories, laughter and tears behind you.

My condolances to your wife & children. May they find the strength to deal with losing such a bright shining star.


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