Freebie: ‘Catalyst Fate’ (The Mallis Tragedy) by James J. Rook.

catalystPurchase Link: Smashwords.

Book Description:

Akara Krosse can see fate, but he has never seen the world mankind. Growing up underground, in the ruins of the old world, he had only heard rumors of the city above.

Against the laws of his people, curiosity finally draws the young Tsesh to the surface, and he finds that the city is even more magnificent than he had expected. It is busier, brighter, and far more beautiful. When he meets Mary-Anne, Akara soon finds that, for the first time in his life, he has something to lose, and something to fight for.

With a brutal serial killer, known as the Euler Court Dagger, prowling the streets of Mallis Two, Akara chooses to risk his life of secrecy, and fight for this new world. Using his ability to manipulate energy, he and his sarcastic yet loyal friend, Malehk, go on a hunt for the Dagger, in the hopes of protecting the city, and restoring balance to the fate of the world.

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