Only $0.99/£0.77: ‘Upon a Wake of Flame’ (A tale of The 10th Lunen Regiment) by B.C Laybolt.

upon a wake of flamePurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

Centuries ago, they fled the doomed Earth.

The twelve remaining ships of their damaged flotilla stumbled into the star system HD 70642 and colonized the worlds they found there. Humanity’s last vestiges fought the elements and each other to survive. Out of terror and darkness, the Nar Exus Triumvirate was created, enforcing a fragile peace between the three largest planets, Lunen, Cixca, and Werjegna.

On the remote dwarf planet called Shastre, the people’s simple life along the rivers and in the mountains, unconcerned with the politics of the Triumvirate, has backslid into superstition and savagery. The Triumvirate has responded to reports of genocide there by sending the 10th Lunen Regiment to restore order.

Petty Officer Fiodek Berr is assigned to lead his squad across the last island of the Derry Atrus Atoll. Orksen Isle is the final desperate holdout of the enemy forces to be defeated before he and the rest of the 10th Lunen Regiment can land on the beachhead of the Alseiry Peninsula and complete the Triumvirate’s stabilization of Shastre.

As the campaign draws to its bloody conclusion, the Lunen are only just becoming aware of the dark force that controls the Shastreans, and the madness that drives them to kill every last Triumvirate soldier. Berr and his squad are about to find how deadly Shastre can be.


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