Giftapalooza 2014 is happening, y’all!

I think everyone should share this awesome blog/group 😀

T.E. Ridener- The Indie Author With A Dream.

So remember how we did Giftapalooza last year?  Yep! We’re doing it again this year as well. xx

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Giftapalooza, it’s a fun event that I do to engage readers and authors alike to get involved with the online charity Random Acts of Christmas my friend Jenna and I started in 2011.   I encourage all of you to join us and help make Christmas a little brighter for families in need.

Here is the event link if you want to come join it.  We’re getting started on November 14, which is actually 2 weeks after our official opening date for Reddit aka the mothership. (It’s probably not called the mothership.  More like North Pole #1.)

How does Giftapalooza work?

I am SO glad you’ve asked!  Every week I will post a wishlist along with a photo and information about a family in…

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