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Good afternoon to each and every one of you all 😀

Now, I know to some of you that the C word is not a nice word anytime before December, but let’s face it, it’s best to be prepared is it not? Even better if it’s to help kids in anyway 😀 Keep reading to find out about how you can take part 😀

Christmas Baubles
I’ve recently come across an event that I decided to join. Why? Well, it’s to help less fortunate kids get some gifts on Christmas day. I’m gonna try and supply a gift for a child this Christmas, from wishlists provided.

Random Acts Of Christmas is the mothership for this idea and has proven successful in the years that it has been up & running. They do try and include countries outside the USA and in the past have supplied gifts to kids in 5 other countries.


Tonya Ridener has set up a spin off event called Giftpalooza 2014 and is looking for people to either play Santa to some of these kids OR to supply a thank you gift to those that do play Santa. So, one way or another, you will be gifting someone 😀

You don’t have to spend a fortune to help. Amazon Gift cards are accepted too, and are used to buy what’s needed. Go on, get involved and make Christmas that little bit brighter for someone else, I did 😉



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