D’eBook’s Spotlight Author: Michelle Rabe

7182UH753JL._UX250_The best thing about social media is the new friends that can be made worldwide 😀
Since opening my FaceBook account, I have met some lovely people. One of them, as I have mentioned before, is awesome Indie Author Lindy Spencer, the woman who set me on the path to being a reviewer 😀
Through Lindy I have met some more awesome authors such as Brenda Tetreault, Justin Osborne, Rissa Blakely, to name but a few.
Today D’eBook Sharing Book Reviews is turning the spotlight on another author – Michelle Rabe 😀

A lifelong California girl, Michelle Rabe tried the Hollywood thing but decided that she preferred her author’s den to the actor’s trailer. She now lives and works in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her unhelpful author cat. If you can’t find her in a cemetery with her camera, you can connect with her online at: www.michellerabe.com or on Facebook @Author Michelle Rabe. Michelle’s debut novel ‘Cast in Blood’ is available through Amazon and Createspace. She is hard at work on the second book in the Morgan Blackstone series tentatively titled Forged in Flame with an early 2015 release planned.



Cast in Blood: images

To the outside world, Morgan Blackstone is an eccentric businesswoman. But, within her chest beats the undead heart of a 21st century vampire. Behind the doors of her nightclub, The Dracul, Morgan rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

After a long night of wrangling unruly supernatural customers, she is looking forward to some peace… but unbeknownst to her, there are other vampires who are conspiring against her. Just before dawn, in the deserted parking lot, she comes face-to-face with two old adversaries, one of which she had last seen being sealed in a tomb, 400 years before.

Overpowered by her attackers, Morgan wakes inside the lab of an unscrupulous doctor. Held against her will, subjected to experiments, she soon realizes that something has begun to burn within her veins… Something that she knows will kill her.

Purchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK


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