UK Book Bargains: Where do you find yours?

Hubby and myself took a walk around Eastbourne during the week. Wandering around the Arndale Shopping Centre, Hubby decided he wanted to pop into a shop called The Works to pick up some small gifts for his neice & nephew.

Whilst Hubby browsed the kids arts & crafts, I browsed the store’s bargain books. The Works usually has a great offer of 3 books for £5. I don’t always see anything I like, so this trip I was overjoyed to find one of J.R Ward’s books included in this really good deal. After a lot of browsing, I picked up J.R Ward’s ” Possession”, Elizabeth Chadwick‘s “The Summer Queen” and Gabrielle Kimm’s “The Courtesan’s Lover” for a great total of only £5!!

Have you picked up any book bargains lately? If so, from where and how much of a bargain were they? Share the bargain stories people, we all love a great bargain 😀

Amazon Purchase Links:
“Possession”: | Amazon UK
“The Summer Queen”: | Amazon UK
“The Courtesan’s Lover”: | Amazon UK



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