Review Requests.

I review  books from the paranormal, romance, historical fiction and historical romance genres. I do occasionally read and review other genres, but please do ask first, it would be appreciated. I can take up to 8 weeks to read and review a book, due to work and my home life. I will also contact you via email and provide links to my published reviews.

When sending me a book review request, please let me know the genre of the book and a quick synopsis. Requests can be sent to  (Please put Request Review in the subject line).

Authors can also send me “real” books and I will send my address when I respond to the review request. Although I do like to curl up with a real book, I have a Kindle Fire HD that I also use to review eBooks (MOBI files, please) It is up to the author to decide which to send, as I understand postage can add up.  I do generally reply to emails, but please have a little patience if I don’t answer straight away.

I post reviews on my blog, Amazon, Smashwords (if it’s applicable) and GoodReads.  I rate books on Amazon and GoodReads using their star system. I also post links to my reviews on my FaceBook profile and page.

I appreciate every book review request I get and I do try and read each book sent, however sometimes it may take a little longer than normal, especially if I have several books to read and review. Again, a little patience is requested. I do my reviews free of charge because I love reading and I like to help authors were I can for the time and effort they put into their creations.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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