Lindy Spencer

Having read Lindy Spencer’s novel “The Boomerang Effect” I was curious about some things so I contacted Lindy and asked her a couple of questions.

Hi Lindy, thanks for agreeing to let me ask you some questions about your writing career. I’ll try not to take up too much time. Having read “The Boomerang Effect“, I was curious as to what drew you into becoming a writer?

Hi, Denise! So good to see you! That’s a good question, and I can say that there was one defining moment that set me on this path. I was reading the blurb in the front of a book, you know the one that the author puts in there to visit with her readers? Yea, that one. Anyway, I was reading that, and the author said, “If you think of a story you would like to read, that hasn’t been written yet, you are charged with writing it.” That quote stuck with me. Fast forward about nine months or so and the spark of an idea for The Boomerang Effect popped into my brain. While I wondered about what would happen if that really were possible, I recalled the quote. The rest is, as they say, history!!

Do you like to read? (Probably a stupid question ) If so, what is your favourite genre and how much did it influence you into becoming an author yourself?

I love to read. I’ve got books all over the place, and I’ve even turned one of the spare bedrooms in my home into a reading room. There are more books than room on the bookshelves; there are also books on my Kindle. My favorite genre is mystery. I enjoy trying to figure out the ‘whodunit’ before the author lets us in on that secret, and I love edge-of-your-seat type stories. I don’t believe reading influenced me very much insofar as becoming a writer, though once the idea germinated for Boomerang, and I began the writing process, the hook was set. I have so many ideas now for other novels and short stories, that if I were required to write them all before I died, I’m afraid I would have to live forever!

How hard was it to develop the characters in “The Boomerang Effect” and did they lead you a merry song and dance until they were fully developed?

Oh, goodness, the characters were characters from the very first line to the very last. I chased them down, wrestled them to the ground, forced them into situations they didn’t want to be in, backspaced over other happenings that they wanted me to write but didn’t fit in the storyline I had in mind… I’m not sure they’re fully developed even now. I believe a sequel is in order, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get them to line up this time!

What made you call you book “The Boomerang Effect”?

Another good question. Since the story revolves around Karma, and Karma circles back to bite you, I thought a boomerang was an apt description. Karma = The Boomerang Effect.

Did you have much support during the creation of “The Boomerang Effect” and did you drive your other half crazy until the book was published?

My husband is amazing. He gave me the space and time to write, let me bounce “what if”s off him, and listened to me mumble and gripe because things weren’t going my way. I may have driven him a little bit crazy, but he was well on his way before I ever picked up a pen! We take that journey together daily!!

How hard was it to juggle your home life, work and writing?

Very. Writing is hard enough, but working a full-time job and writing can sometimes be overwhelming. Home life at Chez Spencer has all the requirements of any other household; cooking, cleaning, yard work, and taking care of the hubster and our four-legged furry child. While juggling real life, creating an entirely new world in fictional Aspen Grove was, at times, more than I could manage in a day. It took two and a half years from inception to publication, including the time Boomerang spent with two different editors and my working with a cover artist.

Now that “The Boomerang Effect” has been on sale for little over a year, how does it feel? How does a good review make you feel, and vice versa, a bad review?

Being a published author is still surreal, even after this long. It feels great; I especially love when a reader wants to talk to me about my characters or my town. I enjoy giving interviews and want to thank you for asking me questions today! It makes my day knowing people are interested enough in my work to take time to talk with me about it!
I adore the good reviews. They make me feel like I was successful in expressing myself through my story, and that the reader has been entertained enough to thank me with that review. There are always going to be people who don’t enjoy my style of writing, or they have bad memories brought up from things that happen in my story; I understand that, and as long as a review is given honestly, I am happy to hear what it was about my story that didn’t work for them. Not everyone loves the same things, and that’s what makes this journey a great one. There’s plenty of room for all of our stories out there, and a plethora of readers to entertain.

Thanks for taking the time to satisfy my nosiness into the world of Author Lindy Spencer, it’s been excellent!!

Thank you, Denise, for asking! When my anthology comes out in December I look forward to hearing from you again! Have a great day!!


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