Book Review: ‘Firelord’s Heir’ by Dee Harrison

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***I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review***

Please make sure you have read ‘The Firelord’s Crown‘ before you start reading ‘Firelord’s Heir‘ as these books are not standalone and need to be read in the correct order.

Firelord’s Heir‘ is the sequel to ‘The Firelord’s Crown‘ which I read, reviewed and liked, a while back. I recently caught up with Falath, Rollo & Airen and was happy to see that although some time had passed since I had read ‘The Firelord’s Crown‘, it was quite easy to pick up the storyline once again.

Dee Harrison has the talent to weave a world with characters that the readers will come to either love or hate. Catching up and watching the main characters develop even more was entertaining and fascinating.

The writing style flows well and kept me turning pages. The actual story and sub plots blended into each other without leaving the reader confused as to what is happening and to who. There were some unexpected twists and turns but these worked so well. ‘Firelord’s Heir‘ had me hooked from start to finish.

The Firelord’s Crown‘ got 4 Shamrocks from me, and ‘Firelord’s Heir‘ successfully gains 4 Shamrocks too. I hope to be able to finish the rest of the series to see how Dee Harrison progresses her characters from here.

4 shamrock review

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