Book Review: “Azriel Blackheart” by Josiah Hunt.


I stumbled across “Azriel Blackheart on a website called “authonomy” and contacted the author to see where I could get a copy. Josiah very kindly sent me a copy to read.

First things first: I found reading this book a little difficult as any word that had a double L in it was missing an L, splitting the word in two. There was also sporadic numbers throughout the book, which had nothing to do with the story.

Azriel Blackheart is a book about magic, mages and Soul-Eaters.
Azriel and his family are, well, estranged is a mild way of putting it and they’re not Azriel’s greatest fans. When his old guardian, Alteron, summons him and passes on what he deems to be important and urgent information, Azriel dismisses it as nonsense. That is, until he finds out that what Alteron has told him is true. Azriel sets off on a perilous journey accompanied by his old friend Abigail. Join them as they face greed, a power struggle, immense rage, war and more.

What I liked: I really liked the plot, although there’s similar plots and story lines out there, this was easy to follow (even with the double “L” errors), the characters were easy to identify and follow. The character names – for the most part they are not names I have ever come across before, and I like new and unusual names.

What I didn’t like: That we didn’t get to see more of Abigail. I liked her, I’d love to have seen more of her fighting side. I’d also have liked to see her stand up to Azriel a bit more.
I also didn’t like Azriel’s character for about half the book, by the end I had warmed up to him somewhat.

Who would I recommend this book to? Fans of Fantasy & Magic.

Would I read more in this series? From how this story ended, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess there will be another book. If there isn’t, well, this book ended stupidly LOL. Yes, I would read the next book. I’m intrigued by the ending and want to know what’s in store next for Azriel.

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