Book Review: ‘Batter Up’ by Robyn Neeley

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*** I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ***

After reading and reviewing quite a few Paranormal based books, I was looking for something that was different, something not so heavy or filled with wars and fighting. I was offered the chance to read and review ‘Batter Up‘ and after reading the synopsis, I couldn’t wait.

‘Batter Up’ is a light hearted romance story based around a character called Emma and the magic of ‘Batter Up‘ Monday nights in her family bakeshop. Emma had her heart broken when her boyfriend decided to move to a bigger city, without her. She has no intentions of giving her heart to anyone else, but then Jason comes to Buttermilk Falls in search of a story.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can honestly say I enjoyed ‘Batter Up‘. It was a book I was able to read in one sitting, it was easy to read and it tugged at the heart strings.
The storyline was simple but captivating enough to keep me reading. The author’s writing style flowed really well and conveys the story and the characters emotions to the reader with no confusion.
Both the main characters carry their own baggage which adds to the story and gives the relationship a feisty tone.
The idea behind the ‘Batter Up‘ nights is a novel one and if it was real, I’d love to be a spectator 😀

My rating: As much as I enjoyed ‘Batter Up‘ it didn’t hit me with as much “wow” factor as I’d have liked but it doesn’t deserve anything below a four Shamrock rating. I look forward to reading more from Robyn Neeley as her writing is refreshing change from my normal reads.

4 shamrock review

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