Book Review: ‘Blind Redemption’ by Violetta Rand

Blind Redemption copy*** I received a gift copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review ***

These books must be read in the right order to avoid confusion and to keep up to date on the chronological order. If you haven’t read ‘Blind Allegiance’ and ‘Blind Mercy’ then ya best get buying 😀

OMG Violetta Rand!!! You just keep sinking the addiction hooks in with each book that you write for this series 😀 😀
Again we’re back with the Vikings and it’s not a sugar-coated butterflies & rainbows love story. Violetta Rand brings us back to the harsh, violent reality that the Vikings lived in. That’s what I loved most about this series. The author doesn’t try to make it all sweetness and light.

The characters are believeable. There’s not a character that is insignificant in the story. Each character has its role and reason for making an appearance.

Aaron: We’re introduced to Aaron McNally in ‘Blind Mercy’ and truth be told, he’s not really a very nice man. In ‘Blind Redemption’, well, the Redemption part speaks for itself. Aaron wants to make amends for what he has done in his past.
Kara: Kara Dalgaard was raised by her father after her mother died. Alongside her brothers she learned a few unladylike activities, one of which her father uses to humiliate Aaron.

The story: Women were often pawns in a man’s bid to humiliate, take down, betray or embarrass another man so when this occurs in ‘Blind Redemption’, it is easy to consider it happening. The mannerisms and behaviour of the characters are not O.T.T and were more often than not spot on for the era the story is set in. Mind you, the mannerisms and behaviours of people have not changed across the years so you can probably imagine someone you know in certain roles. Descriptions: This author has the knack of giving you the ability to almost watch the scenes unfold in your imagination.

Overall: There wasn’t any part of this book that I didn’t like. From start to finish I was drawn in and when the book finished, I wanted more. If you like Historical Romance that is tough and gritty, then try this series. Having read the previous two books, I wondered if this one would be just as good. I wasn’t disappointed. 5 Shamrocks from me and I hope there is more of this series to come.


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