Book Review: ‘Claimed By A Demon King’ by Felicity Heaton

claimedbyademonking-felicityheaton**I was gifted copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review**

I thought I was lucky when I filled in the form to read and review “Kissed By A Dark Prince” and it was accepted. When I did the same for “Claimed By A Demon King” and that was also accepted, I was over the moon. This series is set to be a best seller!
You may have read “Kissed By A Dark Prince” (first book in this series) already so you’ll know the stars of “Claimed By A Demon King”. If you haven’t read the first book, ohhhhhhhh you should!!

The Eternal Mates series started off strong with Olivia & Loren leading the way with their story, supported by Sable, Bleu and before the book ends, Thorne also becomes a member of the Eternal Mates cast. In this book, the second of the series, Sable & Thorne are now the leading cast and Bleu, Olivia & Loren are the supporting cast, along with the introduction of new characters.

Having met Sable in “Kissed By A Dark Prince”, I became a fan of hers as I found out more about her feisty character, especially when it came to protecting those that she loved most. She’s gutsy and works hard to keep her position in Archangel.

Thorne is also introduced in “Kissed By A Dark Prince” and from there (if they’ve read the book ) readers will already know that his attraction to Sable is immediate. Thorne rules his little corner of Hell and he wants to be a good King for his people.

“Claimed By A Demon King” does not outdo its predecessor in how well it has been written, they are both on the same level. Nor does it outdo KBADP in the lust and romance stakes. The only thing bigger about this book is the size of the battles that take place 😀

I loved the first book and this book carries on the Epicness of this series. I can’t find any fault with it whatsoever, and I read it twice to be sure 😛

What I liked: What was not to like? Great storyline, excellent characters and some hot, hot scenes. I especially liked the rivalry between Thorne & Bleu. There’s also a range of different species involved in the story, some you’ll have heard of, some you may not.

Who would I recommend this book to? Anyone that’s over 18 and loves Paranormal Romance. I say 18+ because I think the sex scenes are a little too much for anyone younger than that.

Felicity Heaton has a big fan base and from reading the first two books in this series, it’s not hard to see why. Her writing style and descripitions capture the reader’s attention and imagination and draws them in. She creates characters that readers can identify with in some way, characters that readers love to love and characters that readers love to hate.

“Claimed By A Demon King” deserves the 5 Shamrock rating that I’m giving it and Felicity Heaton deserves a round of applause for another successful series.


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