Book Review: ‘Dark Soul Series’ by Ann Hope


**I received copies of these books as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Welcome to the world of Kleptopsychs, Hybrids and Ancients. Each book is the story of someone finding their twin soul and their battle to keep it safe.

‘Soul Bound’ introduces Jace & Lia, ‘Soul Deep’ belongs to Marcus & Regan. ‘Soul Thief’ is the start of Adrian & Angie’s journey which continues on in ‘Soul Chase’ bringing Emma into the limelight.

I wouldn’t recommend these books as stand alones – the main reason being some of plots cross over and if not read in the right order, it can be quite easy to get lost as to what is happening.

Books like the ones in this series are the reason why I started reading Paranormal Romance/Paranormal Fiction. I can’t get enough of the action and the emotions that they bring out in a reader.

Ann Hope has created an overall plot that draws the reader in. With strong main characters, each story shares the same sub plot but the main stories all differ. Some of the characters are an essential part of the the sub plot so they appear in all the books, which I quite enjoyed. Some make fleeting appearances and some are involved in the main plot so appear for quite a few chapters.

My favorite character would have to be Regan – I loved her attitude and stance on some of the issues that she faced in ‘Soul Deep’.

My least favorite character is Diane. That woman is just pure evil 😮


Which book did I prefer? That’s a tough decision as each book is extremely good in it’s on right. If I really, really had to choose, I’d go with ‘Soul Deep’. It just stuck with me and stands out (for me) above the others.

Would I read more from this series? Ummmmmm too right. There’s characters that I so wanna find out what happens to them.

The Romance side of things: Each story has a romantic side to it and yes, it affects the decisions the characters made etc but it didn’t totally overshadow each story. It blended in and became part of the story.

Who would I recommend this series to? Anyone that likes Paranormal/Supernatural romance and fiction.

I love this series so far and I am looking forward to reading the rest and more from Ann Hope.
Totally worth a 5 Shamrock rating 😀


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