Book Review: “Emerald Flame” by Valerie Twombly

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***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Erotica is just not my scene. I don’t mind sex in a book, (it really doesn’t do much for me to be honest), so constant sex in a book is pretty meh for me. I prefer action mixed in with the story. So bearing that in mind, I delved back beneath the covers of “Emerald Fire” – having read it once and not knowing how to word my review.

So the sex – there’s lots of sex action, after all, that is the point of Erotica, right? But was it any good? Actually, yeah it was. Valerie Twombly can write a sex scene without it coming across as thrashy and cheap. At the same time it’s not hardcore porn. It’s just right.

Emerald Fire” is only a short story and I’d have loved it had it been longer, but that’s just my preference. Again, though short, it is well written. There was a beginning, a middle and an ending and although Erotica doesn’t overly appeal to me, the storyline did.
There’s three main characters: Brock, Elias and Sarah. Brock has loved and lost, Sarah has yet to find the one and Elias is a Prince.

Brock was my favourite of the three. He is haunted by what he has lost, emotions have held them in his thrall and he is slowly awakening from them. It’s hard not to feel for someone like that.

Overall, for a short story, “Emerald Fire” delivers a good paranormal erotic tale surrounding a love triangle. Just because the genre is not my cup of tea does not mean it deserves any less than 4 Shamrocks.

4 shamrock review

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