Book Review: ‘Freedom to Ride’ by Suzanne Clark


I was lucky enough to be gifted this book by Vampy’s Ramblings so that I could read it and have a discussion with her about the characters and the book in general.

I don’t think I’ve read an MC book before, so I wasn’t sure how MC’s actually operate. I lay in bed and read this book in little over an hour. Overall, the story was quite good but I do have one kinda big issue that I found somewhat unbelievable.

I have always had respect for a woman who removes herself and her children from an abusive relationship. It takes a great deal of strength and courage to do so. It takes time to pick up the pieces and stop looking over your shoulder.

I really enjoyed the fact that the story is set over months rather than weeks. It made a nice change to see a relationship build up over time instead of a Happy Ever After happening after several days/weeks but With ‘Freedom to Ride’, I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed by the sudden transition from battered spouse to ready to have a relationship and I think that somewhat put a blight on Deanna’s character. Especially from the get go.
“What’s wrong with that?” I hear some people ask. Well, bear in mind that her now ex-boyfriend kicked the living daylights out of her, she’s been ‘looking over her shoulder’ since she escaped the house, fearful that her ex will come and get her, do you honestly think that she would feel ANYTHING that quickly for a man she has only just laid eyes on?
I can only imagine that any woman who had been through what Deanna had experienced would be in shock, feeling terrified and in a lot of pain. Not eyeing up a new man some hours later.

With Deanna’s character I did like the fact that she pulls herself together and decides no more tears, but yet she doesn’t get complacent as she is still aware of the dangers.
Nate’s character was refreshing for me. Sure, he’s portrayed as Deanna and Holly’s protector but he’s not made out to be some kind of Superman who is afraid of nothing and no-one. He too has fears, and he worries about things, like any man would do.
Suzanne Clark’s character balance is pretty much spot on. Although, I found Nate to be a bit of a nymphomaniac LOL. Does the man not ever be tired?

There was three parts of this book that made me laugh out loud: Logan’s dare, how Deanna hides Nate’s birthday present and when Deanna gets feisty with some tramp in the bar. All three of these scenes made me chuckle out loud.
The sex scenes didn’t bother me as they weren’t overly graphic and they did fit in with the story. They sort of became a natural progression of the relationship.

Overall, I did quite enjoy ‘Freedom To Ride’. It was an easy read, quite easy to keep in mind who was who. A nice twist at the end gave me an OMG moment and I would definitely like to read more from this author. Due to the fact I didn’t like how Deanna quickly gets over her ex (I’m sorry, I truly don’t find that believable) ‘Freedom To Ride’ will be getting 4 Shamrocks instead of 5.

D'ebook's Rating

D’ebook’s Rating

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