Book Review: ‘Haunted By Her Dragon’ by Julia Mills

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***The Author gifted me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

‘Haunted By Her Dragon’ is the third book in this series and while I haven’t read the first two (yet) this book can be read as stand alone, (in my opinion).
Hands up who likes to see a strapping hunk of a man brought to his knees by the little ol’ emotion called Love?? I know I do 😀 and in ‘Haunted By Her Dragon’ poor Lance gets pummeled by love, which he tries to resist until the danger has passed. Well, you and I both know that was so never gonna happen LOL.

Characters from the first two books feature in this book too, but not in a way that will have you wondering who the hell they are. Lance’s Brethern and their mates are an excellent supporting cast to Lance and Sam’s starring roles, accompanied by Sydney – a blonde whirlwind.

This story is rife with Dragon Men, Werepanthers, Wizards and strong females who have their men’s backs. Rivalry, camaraderie – which will make you smile, heat between the sheets and more than one bad guy make ‘Haunted By Her Dragon’ a fantastic read. One which will keep you up late just so you can find out what happens next.

I got so engrossed in the story, loved the details and how it played out that when I checked on my reading progress, I was shocked to see I was only on Chapter three!! The words “No way!” sprang to mind because there was so much story, I thought I was halfway through the book.

Being Irish, I loved the Irish endearments that were used. It made me smile to see a language I learned as a youngster in school being used in a book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

My favorite character? Kyra, the feisty witch with attitude galore 😀 I can’t wait to read about her and the Guardsman the Universe created her for 😀

Julia Mills has written a book, no, make that has written a series, that paranormal romance fans will love to read repeatedly and for that, a 5 Shamrock rating has to be given 😀


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