Book Review: ‘Lone Wolf Rising’ (Winters Saga Series) by Jami Brumfield

c9a98-lwrbookcovernewlargerversion***I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review***

‘Lone Wolf Rising’ is the Book 1 in a new paranormal series by Jami Brumfield. We meet the main character, Rebecca Winters, on the morning after her first night as a werewolf.  From the book blurb/synopsis, we know that Rebecca has made the choice to become a werewolf in order to avenge the people responsible for her parents dying.

As the story begins to take shape we meet some of the other characters close to Rebecca: Her sister Savannah, brother Hunter, her Grandmother who they all live with and her best friend Jacks. Oh yeah, and her internal alter ego aka her Wolf.

Love triangle:
Ok, so a love triangle usually consists of 3 people – the lover and 2 love interests. Well, not so here. Here we have one lover, 2 minds and 2 love interests that both minds can’t agree on LOL. Rebecca is all for cosying up to Lucian ‘Lucky’ Lamont, but the Wolf wants to forge a permanent relationship with Gabriel Black.

We start to learn that something is not quite right when Rebecca’s friend and wolf pack mentor Dianna seems to have vanished. Things escalate and Rebecca ends up in a position she’s nowhere near ready for. There’s several twists that will take you by surprise.

What I liked:
I loved the tug of war for control between Rebecca and her Wolf. Some of the dialogue between the two had me giggling. I felt sorry for Rebecca as she struggles to learn to live with another presence in her mind/head. I’d hate it if something took all control from me like the Wolf sometimes does to Rebecca.

Who would I recommend this book to?
Paranormal readers from the age of 16+.

Would I read the rest of this series?
I was also gifted a copy of the second book, which is Savannah’s story. ‘Lone Wolf Rising’ was a good book, so yes, I would love to read the entire series to see what twists and turns take place in the next couple of books.

Some other reviews compared/likened ‘Lone Wolf Rising’ to the Twilight series. To be honest, it briefly crossed my mind that it was gonna end up in a Team Lucky/Team Gabriel fan following. However, the difference is that it’s not Rebecca that is in love with both, because the Wolf plays a major influential part in the situation.

Make up your own mind though 😉 Grab a copy and read it for yourself 😀

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