Book Review: ‘Naomi Grim’ by Tiffany Nicole Smith

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***I received a gift copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Naomi Grim is a teenage Grim Reaper. She’s one of many Grims who get dispatched on missions to collect Lifestones. However, Naomi is somewhat different to other Grims. She kinda gets emotionally involved about some of the Fated  whose Lifestones she is sent to collect.

It was interesting to see an entirely different take on the Grim Reaper. Tiffany Nicole Smith has superbly created a whole new spin on this idea which I found fascinating.
In “Nowhere” there is a hierarchy. At the top is Mr. Dunningham, the leader of the Grims. He lives in the Upper Estates with the Grims he favors most. Next comes Farrington which is where Naomi and her family live. It’s kinda like the middle class section. Below Farrington is Litropolis. The Grims here live in poverty and are looked upon as society’s rejects pretty much. Worse than those that live in Litropolis are those known as Foragers. Foragers are no longer Grims, but they still need Lifestones to live.
How long the Grims live for is calculated by how old the person is whose Lifestone they collect. The amount of years is added to a tally that is kept and this in turn is the amount of years a Grim can live for. However, should they break any of the Grim rules, and there is a LOT of rules, then Mr. Dunningham can have years taken off their life expectancy.

The story mainly focuses on Naomi (well, her name IS the title so that’s to be expected) as she gets assigned a big mission alongside her two brothers Bram and Dorian and her best friend Keira and her brother Josh. During this mission Naomi’s conscience needles her and she needs to make some decisions that could have a devastating consequences for herself as well as her family.

No doubt about it, I loved this book. From the cover art to the characters to the way it was written. It’s easy to understand Naomi and her inner struggles and there were twists to the story that actually had my jaw drop and there may have been a few tears too….

Without hesitation, 5 Shamrocks for a book that I am dying (not literally 😛 ) to read the next installment of.


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