Book Review: ‘Paranormal Legacy – The Inhuman Chronicles, Book 1’ by Caitlin Hensley

17289444This book left me with questions that weren’t answered: Characters were introduced but the reader is left with no clue as to who they are or where they actually came from or what part they play in the whole plot line, other than they are from Haily’s mum’s past.. I hope that this is solved in the next instalment – and I do hope there is a next instalment.

What I liked : The base storyline. Underneath it all, this is actually a rather good story.
Haily’s character – I liked how her character was written. Not too OTT, but for the most part she reacts how you would expect a girl her age to react.

What I didn’t like: It just seems that the story was rushed in places, hence the unanswered questions.
The abrupt ending – the book just suddenly stopped. Whether the author planned that or not I do not know, but it’s confusing and frustrating.
The character Luke – I just could not like him; he comes across as extremely standoffish and cold.

Who would I recommend this book to: Anyone that likes YA. Like I said, the plot is not a bad one and it can be enjoyed.

Would I read the next book if there is one? Yes, I think I would, if only to get answers and because of that, I’m gonna rate ‘Paranormal Legacy’ 3 out of 5 Shamrocks

3 Shamrock Review.

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