Book Review: “Rogue’s Paradise” by Jeffe Kennedy

rogues paradise

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***I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review***

I didn’t realise when agreeing to review “Rogue’s Paradise” that it was the third in a series. That didn’t actually detract from understanding who was who and events that had previously happened as everything was written and communicated clearly. So much so that I do actually want to read the previous books LOL.

Gwynn and Rogue are the two main characters of “Rogue’s Paradise”. Rogue wants Gwynn to marry him, Gwynn has other ideas and this leads to some stand offs between them. Like Gwynn, I found Rogue to be a bit of a PITA (pain in the ass) on how he behaved – but then most modern women are quite independant and woe betide a man when he tries to tell her what to do 😀

I was kinda worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the book so much as I hadn’t read the whole series, but to be fair, the whole story flowed quite smoothly and was written so well that I was able to grasp what had taken place in the previous books quite easily. In saying that, I do highly recommend reading the first two books first.

With quite a few sex scenes, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone under 18. If you enjoy Fantasy based romance with plenty of action and a feisty heroine thrown in, then I recommend you give this series a try because, and I base this on reading this one book of the series, it is rather good 😀

4 shamrock review

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