Book Review: ‘Shattering Halos’ by Sunniva Dee

87663-shatteringhalos_w8392_med2***I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review***

I had high hopes for this book. Next to Vampires and Fairies, I adore Angels. So once I got my copy, I settled down and got stuck in.

The storyline:
Gaia is involved in a horrific car crash that claims the lives of her friends. She too should have been a fatal casualty, but she was saved.
Gabriel is Gaia’s Protector. He couldn’t just sit back and watch her perish, so he did what he shouldn’t have, and he saved her.

I couldn’t connect with Gaia or Gabriel. The romance between them was well written and nice. It didn’t blow my mind, it was just nice. Even the steamier scenes didn’t, in my opinion, go past nice.
I liked how Gabriel protected Gaia and I liked how he teased her.
Gaia was a little annoying. She had so much potential and it just felt like she was on a tight leash. I feel she could have been a bit of a stronger character and should have been a bit more phsyically involved in the last few chapters.
Cassiel: Now he was my kind of Angel. The bad boy of the story. He’s not cruelly bad, he’s mischievious and likes his lifestyle.

I didn’t get totally gripped by ‘Shattering Halos’ but I did like it. I do feel that Gaia should have been a lot more stronger than her character was but that’s my personal opinion, I know others will think differently.
The base storyline was a really good one and for a debut novel, Sunniva Dee has done really well. The story did flow along quite nicely, it is suitable for YA 16+ because of the steamier scenes and the big fight scene was great.
Bearing all that in mind, I’m going to rate this 4 Shamrocks because it is aimed at a YA audience and for that, it does quite well.

D'eBook's 4 Shamrocks

D’eBook’s 4 Shamrocks

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