Book Review: ‘The Bellum Prophecy’ (The Vella Series) by L. Marie Horton

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***I received a gift copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Move over Buffy, there’s a new type of Slayer in town!!

Edyn Vella gets thrust even further into the supernatural world right from the start of chapter one. Losing one family member and gaining another opens up a whole new world for Edyn. A world in which someone is hunting her.

Not one to get sucked in by a book cover, I will admit to being instantly drawn to the cover of ‘The Bellum Prophecy’. The colors are gorgeous and the character on the front has beautiful eyes. The next thing that I really liked was the main character’s name – Edyn. I’ve never seen this name before and it’s one that really stands out.

I read this book over a 24 hour period and enjoyed every minute of it. Lisa Horton did a fantastic job of creating a teenage character and keeping her that way. I find that sometimes teenage characters tend to become more adult through out the book, but Edyn was a believable teen.

Paladins, Orions, Aces, Warlocks, Vampires and Dracs all bring the action in ‘The Bellum Prophecy’ to life. Both sides fighting – one to defend Edyn, one to control her and in the middle of it all, Edyn just wants a normal life.

What did I like? Pretty much the whole package really. I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the cover and I enjoyed the characters.

Would I read more from this author? Yeah I would. L. Horton knows how to spin a web and ensare her target.

An action packed start to a series that looks set to be a really good read for it’s intended YA audience. I’m looking forward to the next installment already, so 5 Shamrocks for this series starter 😀

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