Book Review: ‘Vampire Princess Rising’ (Winters Saga Series) by Jami Brumfield

77364-vampireprincessrisingcover*** I received a copy if this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review ***

Having read the ‘Lone Wolf Rising’, the first book in the Winters Saga Series, I wanted to read the second to see how the story carried on.

As in the first book, this book is written in the POVs of Rebecca, Savannah and Hunter. It’s nice to get three different perspectives with so much going on, but I thought Savannah would be the main focus in ‘Vampire Princess Rising’ and I felt that Rebecca overshadowed her. It just didn’t feel like Savannah was the main focus and as the book is her story, I was somewhat disappointed by this.

To be honest, I prefered ‘Lone Wolf Rising’ for it’s storyline. Rebecca at least had several different things happening, several different challenges to face. Savannah, not so much.
Like Rebecca, she has to decide which man she wants to be with and she has a hard time deciding.
It just felt like there wasn’t as much action in ‘Vampire Princess Rising’ and when there was, it was mostly focused on Rebecca.

There were several new characters introduced and the one that I found most intriguing was Georgie. I liked her supernatural powers and would love a more detailed account into who she is and where she came from, how she came to be who she is. I’d also like to see the same for Sundae – we get a little synopsis on her background and I felt sorry for her but also curious to know more.

I am looking forward to reading the next book as the overall storyline is really good. I also want to see how the author tells Hunter’s story.
For this book, I’d give it a 3.5 Shamrock rating. It was good, it just didn’t have that kick to it that I was hoping for.

3 Shamrock Review

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