Book Review: ‘Journey To Landaran’ by Judy Goodwin

**I Journey to Landaranreceived a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

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In the past few months I’ve read a good few books, mostly Paranormal Fiction/Fantasy/Romance. I have read a few YA books but they’ve mostly been romance/paranormal. Out of all the ones that weren’t romance, only two have actually highly captivated me: ‘Epic’ by Justin Osborne and now ‘Journey to Landaran’.

Man, this book delivers!! A whole other world is opened up, ready to pull the reader in as they travel with Aidah & Tavish – (I love those names) – on their danger filled journey to what they hope is safety. I have not long finished reading ‘Journey to Landaran’ and my head is still whirling from wondering what is next in store for these Talented twins.

The book does contain some “mature themes” so please bear that in mind as some of the scenes may be found distressing by some people.

What did I like? The descriptions. I could paint a picture in my head of the twins’ surroundings in each chapter thanks to the excellent descriptions from the author.
All the characters: Good, bad, ugly or animal, each character had a definitive reason for being in the story. Not one character felt like he/she/it had been thrown in just for good measure.
The storyline: As the title suggests, the story is about a journey. One that is undertaken by Aidah and Tavish and their Uncle and their guardian from the Lupas species. It’s a journey that is forced on them due to Aidah developing talents that no one thought she would ever develop.
The emotions: This book puts its two main characters through every emotion a person can feel. From loss to relief, from tears to smiles, it’s all in this saga starter.
I loved this book. There’s not one thing I didn’t like.

Who would I recommend this book to? Anyone aged 16 + due to some of the more mature themes. These themes do not overshadow the whole tale, but they are there.

Would I read the rest of this series? Most definitely. The Spirit Mage Saga has had an absolutely epic start and if the rest of the series, however many books there may be, can measure up to ‘Journey to Landaran’ then this saga is going to be massively popular.

I’m going to give this a huge 5 Shamrock rating. Judy Goodwin has gained herself a new Spirit Mage fan 😀


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