Book Review: ‘Tempted’ by Brenda Tetreault


Brenda Tetreault – Tempted: A Nightshade Novel (The Nightshade Series)


Roman Arceneaux, the name just rolls of your tongue and conjures up the image of a dark, brooding, strong man. Dark & brooding is exactly what he is. Until he spots Sabrina Donahue, then he becomes a man obssessed.
Sabrina has two sides – the socialite who will do almost anything to get her parents attention, and her inner self who is full of doubts and just wants to be loved. She would do anything to be loved for her true self.

When Roman saves Sabrina, the electricity between them is almost instantaneous. Sabrina’s reactions to Roman shock her and she leaves an equally stunned Roman “reeling from the way her kiss burned him so good in all the right places”
Tempted is exactly what Sabrina is when she crosses paths twice more with Roman, albeit unintentionally.

The two main characters set fire to the pages of this book and they bring this story to life. Follow them through this well written story as they lust over each other, face dangers together, fall even more in love, and meet each others family.

I loved Sabrina and Roman but I think the secondary characters also helped this novel become the spicy, fast paced story it is. Gaela and Caine’s story runs in the background and I am hoping against hope that they’re the next novel in this series.
I don’t think there was anything I disliked about this book.

So get ready to meet Damphirs, Vampirs, sirens and more. Pick up or download a copy of this book and see if you’re “Tempted” into following this series.

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