Book Review: ‘Thirteen’ by Shannon Peel

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Shannon Peel – Thirteen
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Thirteen year old Jack Sullivan resents living with his mom’s rules. He feels she’s restricting his freedom (typical teen) and just wants to be left alone to have fun with his friends. Waking up to the sound of gunfire one morning, Jack soon has a lot more to worry about than being grounded. Soon he is helping devise ways to stop his neighbours becoming desperate for basic needs and worrying about his dad. On top of that, his mom is making puppy eyes at a cop!

Looking at the front cover of “Thirteen”, I can safely say that cover art is definitely not a priority for me when I choose a book. I’m not sure it would even attract the target audience, but the plot for the story sure will.
When I started reading “Thirteen” I had to remember to keep in mind that it is targeted at a much younger age group and it shows in how it is written. I kept thinking it needed to be spiced up but that’s my adult thinking. In reality, for a 10 – 14 year old boy, it is just right.
Shannon Peel has come up with a great plot, one that young boys/teens would be interested in. I was certainly interested in it, and I’d like to think that I would be willing to help out wherever necessary in a situation like that. Each chapter was very well written, again, remembering the target audience. I really felt for Jack. I also really felt for his mom, as being a mother myself, I know how strong willed young boys can be and how hard of a job it is to protect them without suffocating the poor child.
“Thirteen”: a book for kids with a simplified adult storyline. I will definitely be recommending this book to my thirteen year old son. 4 stars for an excellent kids/YA book.

I was asked to review “Thirteen” in exchange for an honest review.
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