Book Review: ‘The Way Of Shadows’ by Brent Weeks

Way of the Shadows

Brent Weeks – “The Way Of Shadows” £5.32

I originally thought that this series was going to be like the Assassins Creed books. Upon reading the first one, I kinda changed my mind.

Azoth is something of a wuss. He’s got fire in his belly but he’s just a scared kid who dreams of what he would like to do to those he doesn’t like. However, harm those he loves and a killer is born….

The story was easy enough to follow, even if Mr.Weeks used words that I had never heard of LOL. Azoth is a likeable character. Ya have to feel sorry for him and how he lives, along with Jarl and Doll Girl. It is not a way I would ever wish on my worst enemy.

Pretty much all the “good” main characters are so likeable. Not one of them is perfect, they all have some imperfection in their lives. I liked this coz it makes them believable characters.

The bad guys, well, you’d just love to kill them. I could feel myself rooting for the good guys where necessary.

It’s the kind of book I found myself getting wrapped up in. I also found myself looking forward to the next book before I’d even finished this one.

The writing is good, the story is good, the characters are a mixture of good, bad and simply evil. Each character has their own individual story to tell and although Azoth/Kylar is the main character, the others don’t fade into the background, they all hold their own.

I’d definitely read this book again at some point.

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