Book Review: ‘The Queen’s Promise’ by Lyn Andrews

Lyn Andrews – “The Queen’s Promise

I have literally just closed this book and I am awed by the story I have just read.

This story covers everything; young love, friendships, betrayals, politics, power plays and more.

Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy meet and eventually become secretly betrothed to each other. Henry is so enamoured by Anne and although she doesn’t feel as strongly for him, she does hope that in time she will come to love him as much as he does her. Political figures have other ideas and their young love gets brushed aside, but Henry never forgets his feelings for her.

Anne is a beautiful, young woman who has great ambition for herself. Henry’s proposal fills her with delight at the prospect of becoming a Countess. When their betrothal is mocked and dissolved, Anne is banished to Hever in disgrace by her father. When he once again calls upon her to come back to the King’s court, Anne is overjoyed and determined to not upset him again.

King Henry’s eye is caught by this beautiful young lady-in-waiting and he persues her, showering her with gifts and fine clothes. Anne manages to keep him interested all the while keeping him at arms length, until she can get what she wants. To be Queen.

From the start this book had me captivated. The young love story and how it was trampled mercilessly by the Cardinal. I felt so sorry for Henry Percy, he hadn’t done anything to deserve such spite. All he wanted was someone to love. Anne, who loved Henry but discovered she had bigger ambitions upon receiving the affections of another. Each character was well written and each had their own distinctive flair.

The character of Will Chatton, although fictional compared to the other characters, was so real. He fit into the story seamlessly. So much so that I did actually Google him to see what I could find out about him as I liked him so much.

King Henry, although I knew a little about him through my history lessons is school, I didn’t know an awful lot about the man himself. I now think of him as a very fickle person. One who flouted the laws and changed them to benefit himself.

By the time I closed this book, I was nearly in tears for a love that, had it been allowed to flourish and grow, could have been just another court romance. Instead, because people interfered and these two young lovers were separated and denied each other, a marriage was broken causing massive upheaval and division of a country and its people, a forced marriage caused two people such aversion to each other and ends the life of an innocent, unborn child.

Of course, even though I knew Anne’s demise before reading the book, I couldn’t help but wish the book had ended differently. My heart near on broke with the chapter that covered her “trial”, such as it was. For me, that was true love, even if the outcome was not what I would have wished for, but then, it wouldn’t have been a proper account of what had happened if it ended the way I wanted it to.

Extremely well written and a pleasure to read and learn about all the characters, including the fictional ones.

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