Book Review: ‘Bitter Fruit: A Taste of the Antholocaust’ by Justin Osborne

Bitter Fruit

Bitter Fruit: A Taste Of The Antholocaust is a book of five short horror stories:

Post 2 is a monster based story about a security guard and what happens on one of his overnight shifts. I laughed out loud at some parts in this as I found the character and his way of thinking quite funny.

Prepped is a short zombie based story. It’s about a man who believes a Zombie invasion is possible. Some of the descriptions made me shudder and go “ewwww”.

You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll is a ghostly music based story. Here the main character and his family find they’ve acquired a house guest along with their new apartment.

Muffinz – Mitch finds a stray cat but he soon finds out Muffinz is definitely no ordinary cat.

Prepped 2: Field Trip is a continuation of Prepped.

Each story is approximately 20 minutes long in reading time.

For short stories,the characters are “fleshed” out extremely well – I’ve come across short stories were characters are really flat and lifeless to the readers.
A lot of thought and effort seems to have gone into each story and it shows. The story lines are really easy to follow. The detail that has been put into each is excellent.

I gave Bitter Fruit a four star rating because I thoroughly enjoyed each and every story, however they didn’t creep me out which is what I enjoy from a good horror book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a Sci-Fi and Horror fan, as they are well worth reading, maybe they’ll creep other readers out more than they did me.

I’d like to see Prepped and Prepped 2: Field Trip turned into a full length novel. It has great potential and Justin Osborne has an excellent writing style and tells a very spellbinding story.

Interview with Justin Osbourne: here.

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