Budget Advertising.

Budget Advertising with D’eBook.

As I’ve said before, I love being able to help authors in any way I can. I know a lot of authors worry about the cost of advertising and a lot depend on blog tours and word of mouth to gain new fans. So I decided to work out ways to bring advertising to authors without the astronimcal fees that are usually attached to it.

If you’re interested in advertising, please drop me an email: ebooksharing@hotmail.co.uk

Promotional Blog Posts:

I offer two different types of promotional posts, Author & Book.
Author promotional posts are basic information posts supplied by the author about themselves. It will also list all books written by the author and the author’s social media networks where fans can follow/contact them.
Book promtional posts will contain a picture of the book cover, all purchase links and a book description.

These posts cost £2.50/$4.50 each and will remain at the top of each category for 24 hours (starting at 21.00 UK time) or longer depending on availability.

Facebook Page:

I will change both the cover picture and the profile picture to ones chosen by the author (No nude/Porn pictures please).
A pinned post to the top of the page will contain all purchase links, picture of the book cover and the book description.

This costs £5/$9.50 for one week. Week begins Monday – Sunday.

Salvaged advert


Long-term Advertising:

I set up a website to accomodate long term advertising: www.debooksharing.com

These advertising spots will contain the book cover, book description and all purchase links.
Fees will vary depending on how many books you wish to advertise.

Blue Wendi

Blue Shevaun

Blue Shakuita

Blue Julieanne

Blue Aubree

Blue Angela


Blog Sidebar advertising.

Basic advert:
1 day: $1.50
7 days: $10.00

Full Advert (book description included):
1 day: $2.50
7 days: $15.00

Both ads will include the book title and cover – these will have clickable links so anyone who clicks on them will be taken to Amazon to purchase the book.

See sidebar for full example.

Basic sidebar advert.

Basic sidebar advert.

full sidebar adfull sidebar ad





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