Book Promo: ‘Seeing Red’ by Lauren Mooney

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Book Description:

In the continuance of Laurel Forte’s split life, ‘Seeing Red’ takes you through her experiences involving the movie ‘Haggard’, a film based on her relationship with Bryan, one of the crew members from the hit television show ‘DumbAss’. From lawsuits and lawyers to depositions and accusations, ‘Seeing Red’ exposes the mortifying and embarrassing events Laurel was forced to engage in to protect what’s left of her reputation. After finalizing the lawsuits, it then delves into her next relationship that inadvertently turns out to be deliberately implanted into her life.
Laurel’s experiences and emotional turmoil prove to be honest and compelling, as she once again takes you through her emotional roller coaster ride of deceit and intentional malice.

While protecting her child from the conspiracies infiltrated into her life, the extent which Laurel goes, prove to be honorable and justifiable in her final acts of ridding her life of enemies.

Book Promotion: $0.99 sale on ‘Closure’ by Angela Ford!!

indexClosure by Angela Ford – 99 cents! At Amazon!

June 6th-8th
Closure – Gripping FBI search grounded by an unrealized love story…
Agent Jessica Resario’s compulsion to protect only puts her life into the hands of a serial killer. Escaping to her family beach home, she discovers postcards marked “I Crave You”. Old ghosts, secrets and an inevitable attraction to her boss send her on an emotional roller-coaster.

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Exciting new romantic suspense from debut author, Angela Ford. An elite FBI task force tracks online predators while they hunt their prey. A series of murders in Presario Heights has forced Special Agent Jessica Resario to follow her gut instinct to save the next victim. Supervisory Special Agent…

Book Promo: ‘Love’s True Second Chance’ by Jeff Dawson

51atZ9t10UL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Purchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK

Book Description:

The following is a true story; love and heartache in high school, the feelings of anger, curiosity through the years, and finally a reuniting.

At forty-nine, I’ve suffered a wide variety of ups and downs, emotional highs and lows. I thought I’d experienced every feeling imaginable. The emotions I shared with Debbie in the short seven months God allowed us together were beyond my wildest dreams. I was about to get an education in how deeply one can truly love another person.

Get a copy today to find out how deep one can truly love.

Jeff’s true story stands at 4.7 stars on and 4 stars on Amazon UK. A real life romance, judging by the reviews, you’ll need a box of tissues handy when you read it.

D’eBook Store is open for business….


D’eBook Store is an online advertising store for authors who don’t want to spend an absolute fortune on advertising.
Payments are accepted through Paypal.

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New D’eBook project is up and running!!

D’eBook Sharing is proud to announce that our new online advertising store is up and running 😀
With Indie Authors in mind, fees have been kept to a reasonable amount.


All genres are welcome to advertise. The website has a simple look so that readers don’t get distracted from the books.

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Buttons will link to all sites your eBooks are for sale on so that readers can choose where they wish to purchase the eBook from.

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All the fonts and colors are kept the same for each advert so as not to give one eBook an advantage over the other.

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There’s also a Top 5 Feature section. The eBooks featured here will change as and when Authors wish to use this section. A small fee will need to be paid, but again, it is only a low fee.

Top 5 Featured
So, if you feel you’d like to join Aubree Lane, Angela Ford and Julieanne Lynch (soon to be joined by Shevaun DeLucia & Shakuita Johnson) then pop on over to and fill in the Contact Form or send an email to 😀

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Book Promo: ‘Mirrored’ by Dalia Florea

41Q-XHhXXJLPurchase Links: Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble

When the body of a teenage girl is found brutally raped and murdered in the Lincoln Houses, Nicole Watkins is assigned to investigate and report the story. Nicole moved to New York three years ago to start a new life after a divorce from her cheating husband Michael. She had no plans of becoming involved or ever giving her heart away to another man until she meets the incredibly handsome homicide detective Andre Moore.

Andre Moore is a seasoned homicide detective; however, this particular case has him shaken which leaves Nicole suspecting that he knows more about the case than he’s willing to share. Although Nicole finds Detective Moore captivating, she also discovers that he is just as complicated and mysterious as the case of the murders.

Nicole cannot deny her love and passion for Andre; however, she is unsure if it will survive the mystery that lies behind him. This is story of loss, love and honor that is full of surprises, as you are taken through their journey of love, murder investigations, and hidden secrets.

‘Mirrored’ has yet to receive reviews on Amazon UK, but has already received 11 reviews on although I’m sure Dalia would appreciate a few more 😀

Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review: ‘The Bellum Prophecy’ by L. Marie Horton


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Two Wars, One Destiny. Seventeen-year-old Edyn Vella always knew that her strange dreams of the future made her unique, but she never knew what they meant. However, when she fails to stop her aunt’s murder by an ominous vampiric creature, Edyn learns that her prophetic visions aren’t the only superhuman ability she possesses.

Following her late aunt’s clues, Edyn finds herself in New York City attempting to save her last surviving relative, the powerful and reclusive billionaire, Ethan Roux. Edyn not only discovers Ethan isn’t exactly human, but that she is at the center of an ancient prophecy and could determine the outcome of an impending war.

As Ethan’s Omega, his only human descendant, she’s thrust into an enigmatic world full of new supernatural creatures where both good and evil vampires and warlocks have waged a centuries-long battle for the fate of humanity. Just as her relationship with the mysterious and handsome Brendan begins to blossom, Edyn’s complicated new life quickly spirals out of control when ancient evil becomes determined on making her one of them. Edyn must discover her inner strength while making the choice between a long life without love and a potentially short life full of it.

The Bellum Prophecy is a dark, suspenseful new novel that explores the loss of innocence while coming of age in the midst of a battle between good and evil. Combining the best elements of vampire legend, the supernatural, and even magic, L. Marie Horton uses exciting action and a cutting-edge story to craft a refreshing new take on young adult fiction.

My review can be read here.



L. Marie Horton is an attorney practicing law in Fresno, California. After completing her degrees, she gave the left side of her brain a rest and became devoted to writing fiction. L. Marie is also a photographer, avid speed-reader, and an obsessive fan of movie soundtracks. She has a supportive husband and two fur children, Scottie a.k.a. Daba D and Gunnar a.k.a. da Gun Gun’s.

L. Marie writes YA paranormal romance and fantasy fiction focusing on strong characters trying to overcome extraordinary obstacles in their life. Writing is an extreme passion of hers and she relishes in sharing that passion with her readers.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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