Book Review: ‘The Sanctum – Book Two – The Boy’ by Madhuri Blaylock

The_boy_final***I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review***

First things first: If ya haven’t read Book 1, then do so before attempting to read Book 2. Having read Book 1 of this series from Madhuri Blaylock, I was rather looking forward to book 2.

Book 1 was chock full of physical action and humor from start to finish. Book 2, well, Book 2 was not what I was expecting. The majority of the action was more emotional than physical, and I will admit to a few sulky moments at this as I prefer action to emotions.

‘The Sanctum – The Boy’ picks up from where ‘The Sanctum – The Girl’ ended which was a plus, as some stories don’t always do that and you’re left feeling like you’ve missed something. All my favourite characters were still here with the added benefit of some new ones joining the party.

There’s lots of twists and turns to this story and they do keep the tale flowing smoothly and at a fairly fast pace. There was one twist that was revealed before some events took place and honestly, I’d rather not have known until the end as it kind of dampened that part of the story for me.

That being said, ‘The Sanctum – The Boy’ is yet another excellent book from Madhuri Blaylock, and I am looking forward to reading the third installment to see which direction the series goes/ends in.

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